Sheryl Diane


Statement of Recent Art Work


As an artist, I am far more fascinated with mental images than with plastic images, with what the viewer imagines within the artwork than with what the artist creates on the surface.  The imagination is far deeper, with multiple, richer surfaces to draw and paint on.


The drawings and prints in Cartoon Fractals use some of the properties of fractals (meandering lines, self-similarity, rotation, and inter-dimensionality) to spark the viewer’s imagination.  Fractals are called the new Geometry of Nature because they are capable of modeling such natural forms as turbulent waters, flames, rock formations, and clouds--forms well known to inspire the human imagination. 


In Cartoon Fractals, I combine the plastic power of fractals with bits and pieces of cartoon imagery to help the viewer enliven, animate, and co-create the drawings seen on the page--a page that I hope plays almost like a movie.  I look at the drawings as scenes where the meandering lines misbehave by not always lying flat on the surface.  Rather sometimes they dive beneath to reemerge somewhere else in forms that are sometimes inside and sometimes outside, sometimes in the foreground and sometimes in the background, and sometimes congregating like cumulus clouds into larger forms that eventually drift and disintegrate, combining again into something totally new—an original creation of the viewer.



Background of Artist


I have been an active artist in New York City for over 15 years and have had numerous solo shows at the Jim Diaz Gallery and the Rapp Art Center.  I have also had many group shows, most recently with Art for Healing Gallery Center.  I have tenaciously pursued the spirit of life in art.  In my chase, I have learned that culture is in the process of separating from the human being.  It is becoming a new life form.  I hope to be one of the many midwives in this momentous process.  Towards this end, I am now finishing a Ph.D. in computer science.  I have particularly been influenced by research in the area known as artificial life and am presently writing a dissertation in the related area of artificial personality for synthetic characters.  My research activities can be found at



Sheryl Diane