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Selected List of Artistic Activities


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Current Projects:

         Wireless controlled clothing & jewelry

         Smart embodiment for embodied agents

         Artificial artists (or artifactual artisans)

         Face responsive artifacts

I am not exhibiting at this time as my efforts are focused on research into developing smart embodiment for virtual agents or v-persons. Rather than rely on artists to furnish agents with suitable embodiment, the state-of-the-art in computer graphics today is such that virtual agents could easily generate their own physical forms. Haphazardly creating an appearance, however, could be counter productive. My work explores the social meanings inscribed in the morphology of embodiment and examines methods that would provide agents with the ability of intelligently manipulating their own morphology in ways that could enhance human-computer interaction. For more on this research, go to

Selected Group Shows

2001 Arts for Healing Gallery Center (New York, New York), Five Points of View, exhibited thermography prints from the Cartoon Fractal Series (Artist Statement)

1999-2000 Donated drawings from the Cartoon Fractal Series and Gendered Masks in "Take Home a Nude" The New York Academy of Art Benefit Exhibit and Auction (New York, New York).

2000 Gendered Masks (Public Presentations throughout the West Village: Artist Statement)

1992-2000 Various surreptitious sound installations in public places as well as many bird and nature sound boom-box marches throughout New York City.

1990 Art Sphere (New York, New York) group show of traditional landscapes (oil on wood).

1988 Answering Machine Theatre: Monologues on multiple answering machines (Flyers with numbers were distributed throughout the East Village)

1988-90 Rapp Arts Center (New York, New York) yearly group shows of installations, sculptures, and paintings.

1985-1987 Jim Diaz Art Gallery (New York, New York) yearly group shows of paintings of a more experimental nature.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Art Sphere, New York, New York
"The Night Does Something: Concert for Six Pillows," 1992
A sound installation with six pillows, ten speakers, and numerous night-lights (Artist Statement)

MFA Thesis City College of New York 1991
Sound installation with multiple speakers.
Sound was directed through the space using microcontrollers.

Rapp Arts Center, New York, New York
"I Think We Missed Something," 1990
Acrylic paintings made of hundreds of layers of gloss that resemble stained glass. The paintings on wood are housed in elaborate cathedral constructions which contain hand held movies. Explores the relationship between icon, text, and memories.

Jim Diaz Art Gallery, New York, New York
"Shots in the Dark," 1986
Twelve surrealistic oil paintings (using images from or inspired by Margritte and 1950s Television) framed by abstract house-shaped architectural forms that contain hand held movies made from fragments of 1940s and 1950s home movies (Artist Statement).



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